I don’t have the answers for your life, but I DO have the questions to help you find your own answers.



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Now is the time to be new.

Hello friend! I’m Melody Ross and I want to help you search your soul . . . because I know what you’ll find will change your life.

The world has changed and continues to change dramatically every day. It can be really scary, right? But YOU get to change too – you get to be new. That is how you’ll thrive through this intense and sometimes frighteningly chaotic time in the world. 


I’d love to help you do some Creative Soul-Searching. Watch this 5 minute video and I will show you what I mean by that . . . 

You know who you are.YOU are brave and resilient and you were made for this time in history. The world needs the most authentic version of YOU.

But how do you get there? How do you become your most authentic self when everything is so uncertain? You MUST make time for self-inquiry and decide to STOP looking for answers for your life in places that are outside of you.

Endings are also beginnings and with so much change in the world – so many endings, we each get to decide what we will begin. We each get to decide who we will be. Who will YOU be in this changing world? Your soul is here to learn, grow, become and experience new lessons.

Your soul is here to experience JOY right along with the struggle. Your soul is here to both learn from and help other souls. Your soul is here to grow into a new and beautiful version of who you’ve always been AND to help our whole world and human family grow into a new and beautiful version of who we are meant to be to each other. Beginnings and endings are marvelous opportunities to grow!

So….are you ready to do some soul-searching? I’d love to share my 25+ years of experience and creative tools to help you search that brilliant soul of yours.

You are deep and wise, there is so much for you to find and remember inside of yourself! You’ll find what you want to do next with your life, what you want to heal within you, what you want to create and how you want to use your gifts to serve our beautiful human family; changing our world for the better. Your soul already holds the answers you’re seeking. I’d love to share with you the tools that helped me find my own answers and search my own soul. And guess what? It’s fun! We could all use a little more fun right now, right? Well, let’s go see if creative soul-searching is a good match for you!

Creative Soul-Searching Tools

It’s time for YOU to do some soul-searching, isn’t it? I know you want this to be fun, enjoyable and interesting — well, that’s what I want for you, too! Check out these tried-and-true creative exercises to get in touch with the deepest parts of you. Then, help others to do the same!

Soulful Blog Posts

Words affect you (and every other human being)  more than we can know. The right words can truly be medicine to your soul . . . and the wrong words? Well, you get the idea. I want you to be able to easily find loving, helpful and soul-enriching words and compelling questions to ask yourself. You’ll find stories, quotes, pep-talks, discoveries and musings here . . .  written with YOUR SOUL in mind.

Soulful Videos

I know you are smothered with stressful and overstimulating video footage all the time — this is not that. Beauty is a love language . . . and a very effective one. I love to combine beautiful video footage from nature with beautiful music and beautiful words. You'll find lessons, pep-talks and soulful reminders in my vast video collection. Words, images and music as medicine — ahhhhhh.

My new collection of cut & paste journals for creative soul-searching

You get to cut these revolutionary books up and then glue them back together in your own way. Gorgeous, full color collage pages to cut out, leaving behind stunning 2-page spreads on which you’ll glue down the thoughts, feelings, yearnings and magnificence of who you are. Everything is included in one elegant, full-color bound book. You just need scissors, glue and a pen!

You’ll find how fun and healing it is to add your own words and images that both question and speak to YOUR soul.

You get to make these books all your own, just like your own beautiful life. Join me on YouTube for awe-inspiring tutorials and ideas that will light the flame and illuminate your own creative soul-searching journey!

Cut & Paste Your Own Soulful Words and Phrases

Cut this book to pieces! 200 pages of journal prompts, alphabets, soulful words, quotes, questions and phrases for cut and paste journaling, collage and creative soul-searching. This is one of my very favorite tools of all time!

I want to help you go from

self-neglect to self-respect.

That’s what your soul wants, too.

Testimonials From Souls I’ve Worked With 

"When I was at one of my lowest times in my life, I was able in the safety of my home confront some of my past. Your daily videos were heartwarming and made me feel like they were just for me. You saved my life and repaired my soul. The best part is that you continue to come up with the next thing I need."

Glorie J.

"You taught me to look at the people and things that I was allowing to take up space in my life and to decide who/what should be allowed to stay. you made me see that I was WORTHY of goodness and happiness. you gave me the strength to stand up to a toxic employer and leave a job that was taking its toll on my spirit. never once have I regretted it, and never once have I stopped being grateful to you. you changed my life. thank you."

Stephanie S.

"At one of the hardest points of my life I found Melody and Brave Girls Club. Through her classes I learned to find out who I really was and find the woman I had thought was lost forever. I subscribed to her daily emails and it’s amazing how the right message will come on the right day when I need it the most. My motto or mantra thanks to Melody is She Did It Anyway, I even have it tattooed on my arm so that I never forget that I can be brave and do it anyway."

Jeana C.

Tools for Helping and Serving Others

I mostly work with adults, but I have some very powerful tools for children, teens and young adults. These tools have been used in schools, youth programs and by counselors and therapists all over the world . . . but the best place these tools are utilized is in the home, bringing families together to do super fun soul-work and get to know each other on a soul level. Click the button below to learn about my collection of tools to help and serve others.

One more thing I want you to know . . .

In 2019, my husband and I made a radical move. For 30 years, we lived in Idaho and had a ranch where we raised our 5 children, operated our businesses and held beautiful life retreats for souls from all over the world. After some life-altering experiences, we decided to spend the second half of our life in a very different way. We are digital nomads. We now travel the world helping others to search their souls for the best answers for THEIR individual life journeys. Our own Creative Soul-Searching led us to make the decision to sell or give-away everything we own and hit the road to spend months at a time where we feel called to be. We LOVE IT. Life is an epic adventure and we love the soulful freebird nomad life! I made a video to tell you all about it!


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