When we broke, we thought it was over –
we thought we were ruined.

When we broke, it was the last action we took
with our last drop of energy.

When we broke, we surrendered to the fractures
we surrendered to the fire that ignited
after the explosion.

When we broke, we were soaked in tears
but on the inside we were dried out
and used up.

But even so…
Things flowed from somewhere.


When we broke, we didn’t know that out of every crack
would flow out of us all that wasn’t good for our lives anymore.

Every last drop of all of it
was gone.

When we broke, we didn’t know that pieces of what used to be
Would be scattered everywhere.

And that we wouldn’t be able to find them all.

When we broke, some of our various pieces were sharp and flew in all directions
with so much force that they may have cut people and beautiful things that mattered to us


When we broke, we learned that we didn’t have to find all of those old pieces
and when we did find them, we got to re-choose them, piece by piece

And let some of them go entirely.

When we broke, we didn’t know we were a pressure cooker
pushed to the limit, and that we were bound to break

When we broke, we got the chance to know
that we have limits and we will break if they are exceeded

When we broke, we got the chance to learn
that we are worth more than what we can do and produce

When we broke, everything got so quiet
that we could finally hear our own voices

When we broke, we surprised ourselves
with how much we needed to be alone
AND how much we needed to be together

When we broke, weI didn’t know that we were
breaking ourselves back together.