I forget about what it takes to do things, and there’s this part of me that is always surprised when doing difficult things feels…well….difficult!

I’m gonna tell you a secret that you already know, but may have forgotten. The secret is….REMEMBERING. Doing difficult things is going to be difficult. Now, how you HANDLE the difficulty, how you approach it, how you label it, how you define it…all of that is going to make a difference and either add on more difficulty OR add in really good things to make the difficulty worth overcoming.

Yes, doing difficult things is going to be difficult. That doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong…IT MEANS YOU ARE DOING IT. Maybe doing the same difficult thing for a second or third or one hundredth time won’t feel as difficult as it once did…but….

…we are living in a time when we are all smack in the middle of BRAND NEW THINGS that almost none of us have never done before. Difficult things. And, it’s going to feel difficult sometimes.

Let me tell you why REMEMBERING this is THE SECRET.

Because when you KNOW that something shouldn’t feel super easy and pleasurable, it takes away unnecessary difficulty. Yes, we ADD difficulty to our life when we think it should be easier than it is. We add suffering, and we waste time trying to bargain with it, and beat it into easy submission.

What if we hold hands with the difficulty and figure things out together with mostly smiles and laughs and a sense of adventure?

THERE ARE VERY VERY VERY GOOD THINGS ABOUT DOING DIFFICULT THINGS. That’s part B of the secret to remembering difficulty….part B is that doing difficult things actually brings SO MUCH AWESOMENESS into our life and also transforms us into someone new. Someone who overcomes and perseveres and learns how to do new stuff that lots of people aren’t willing to work hard to learn.

It’s important to remember that we’ve got to be WILLLING to do the difficult things required to learn new stuff.

So, my friends……the secret to doing difficult things is REMEMBERING that it’s going to be difficult and that just about EVERY AWESOME THING that we enjoy today is the result of someone or lots of someone’s doing something that was difficult for them to do.

We got this. You got this. I got this.
Let’s dance through it, laugh through it, hug through it.


I love you,