Blanca Pauliukevicius Your work, your soul and your unfailing dedication to bring light and hope into people’s lives and pain is so admirable. You have inspired me so much to keep following my heart and my calling despite my fears and insecurities. You have showed me how to be kinder to myself, inspired me to show up bravely even when I feel so scared, specially when life gets hard, or when I am doubtful if I can actually do it. Every time I feel like I’m failing I remember that I am growing and becoming. You have articulated the words many didn’t date to utter, I remember your words, your work, your testimony, and I’m reminded that we can do hard things, when love is behind it all. You model it everyday, you are one of me sheroes. Your work at symposium, at soul restoration, at every course, every post, every email and every single thing you do irradiates so much love for humans, that one can’t help it but be inspired to action, to seeking and pursuing our purpose. My soul has found healing in the carefully curated and prayed-over work you have developed, my creativity has been ignited and delighted in what I can create from the freedom evoked in your art. There are so so many amazing things I can say about you and your work, I would not have enough space here to write it. I am eternally grateful to have come across your path, blessed to be able to witness your journey and the grace you offer. Honored to be teaching and inspiring others through your work, and empowering others to find their healing, their light, and the purpose. You showed me it is possible to follow our calling, impact others and do what we love all at the same time- even life is hard. With much love and appreciation! Blanca <3

Kristin Rideout Blankenship One of my biggest takeaways from attending Brave Girls Camp in its last year was learning to reframe my story from being a “survivor” to “warrior!” Thank you, Melody, for helping so many of us to restore our souls!

Jodene Jodi Shaw  Melody, your work has inspired me to bring women together to create for the deep purposes of unearthing fears and discovering faith, finding authenticity, working through crippling beliefs and replacing them with truth. Not only have I learned fun and joyful art techniques, but I have found good soul medicine for myself and to share with those I love. You have layered me with inspiration with storytelling and creativity. ♡♡♡

Maureen Fendrick Your words have held me up during the devastating loss of my younger brother. The way your words give me the realization that we don’t need permission to feel deeply is very impactful to me.

Andrea Garcia I don’t like photos of me so I’m just posting my thoughts. Your positive teachings have enriched my life and saved it many times.

Calene Borup The thing I love most about you Melody Ross is that your life has created your soul, which has created your art which has created your life and round and round. You have a way of making BRAVE what we all want to be, even when it is hard and it it’s scary and it hurts. Thank you for the generous way you share everything:your talent, your thoughts, your products, your struggles and triumphs, your heart. The world is definitely a better place because you are chattering❤️ in it!

Emily Dimond Your programs and retreats have literally saved my life. I came to you when I was at my lowest, thinking that life was not worth living anymore. You changed that for me and helped me to find a way to carry on. You legitimately saved my life. Love you. ❤️

Laurie Baker “You are going to be ok” has made such an impression on me. It has become my mantra. I hear your voice reading the book and I know

I am going to be ok.

Thank you Melody.

The message has helped to calm my fears. I have shared it over and over. I am forever grateful.

Gina Rhodes Bender Lovely Melody, I quote you and talk about you and think about the things you’ve taught me almost every single day. I’m completely in awe of how giving and kind you are, and how your heart just beats to lift others up. I love you dearly and can’t wait to be in your presence again.

Melody, your love, support, incredibly valuable teachings lessons and believes will always be a part of my heart.

Tara Stafford Hi Melody, I am so Happy to see Your next Exciting Adventure!!! Wishing You lots of Happiness.

On the note of Happiness. That’s the Gift You Shared with Me!!! It was the chance to be Happy Again. My Favorite project You did was The Brave Girls Club!!! It gave me Hope that we can still be Strong and make it through overwhelming odds. Your Kindness and Spark changes Everyone You meet to be a Better, Kinder Soul. Hugs to You and Your Whole Family!!! Your Biggest Fan!!! Hugs Tara

Danielle Rebecca Devine Sometimes I think those of us who are quieter or tend to retreat for a while somehow don’t let those who have impacted us, moved our souls, shifted our thinking, opened our hearts, know how much they did and continue to do to move us forward in living our best and most authentic lives. Melody did that for me in so many different ways and continues to even if she doesn’t know it. Brave Girls Camp was life changing and the work I did there has helped me in some of my darkest days. I bring my book and my cards that I did at camp with me all over the world and set them out with intention to remind me that I am brave enough and strong enough and deserving enough, fearless enough, to leap headfirst Into my own true life on my own terms. And when I need to take care of my heart and my beloveds, I say Melody’s words outloud, She Protects Her Peace”.

Shelley Keeble Dearest Melody :

The beautiful art you taught us to create ❤️

you taught me that I’m more than enough that I’m a beautiful soul, wanting to live my beautiful life to its fullest, you taught me gratefulness to really look and see and say what I’m grateful for . You taught me to believe te truths not the lies.

you taught me comparison is the thief of joy .

you taught me to give myself Grace when I make mistakes.

you taught me letting go is a necessity in my own journey.even when it’s hard

you taught me strength ,

bravery and to be an example for my three adult daughters you taught me that I can get through hard stuff .

you taught me to remember to celebrate my mountains I’ve climbed

…you’ve taught me so much I feel indebted for life to you dear sister

Brandi Lea When I was going through the hardest time in my life, you wrote a little bird email that was meant just for me – though it impacted thousands I’m sure. You reminded me of light and truth and tenderness and resilience. You lifted my head. That “little bird” email was something I looked forward to every day. I held on to those truths like an anchor when it felt like everything was swaying. An anchor that helped me seek truth and healing. Your work and words have been a lifter of my head when I needed it most. I adore you and am so thankful for who you are in this world.

Candice Schwark One of the bravest women I “virtually” know, which entitles her to teach others how to be brave!

Kylie Richards You are courage / you are heart/ your messages always come to me when I need them. I hope for one day to do more work with you. Good luck with your new adventures and dreams you are creating ❤️

De Creativeart Back in 2010 was when I came across Melody Ross and her Brave girl club, I was soul searching on line and there she appeared as an angel. There she was this beautiful angel soul, sharing her life story to help others. Melody was making leather bracelets that stated “BRAVE GIRL”. It was just what I needed at the time so under the gudiance of Melody i crafted my own bracelet to wear. I love how brave and vulnerable Melody is and how her life is dedicated to helping others. Melody is a disciple of giving love to others💕. Thank you for being you💕

Stephanie Sharp you taught me to look at the people and things that i was allowing to take up space in my life and to decide who/what should be allowed to stay. you made me see that i was WORTHY of goodness and happiness. you gave me the strength to stand up to a toxic employer and leave a job that was taking its toll on my spirit. never once have i regretted it, and never once have i stopped being grateful to you. you changed my life. thank you.

Michelle Tiegs At different times over the years I have read and re-read your blog post “You will fly again”. . .the thoughts you shared spoke to my heart! I have shared this post with countless others over the years when they were struggling! You are truly a gift to all, Melody!🐦💙

Cheryl Bodkin-Waters Melody, your love, friendship and inspired words have given me such strength. I’m so grateful that I am not alone and have a circle of sisters to lift me up and I will lift them up. Thank you for gathering those sweet sisters! I am reminded that even through the valleys (no matter what brought us there), we can begin again. I love you Mel and so grateful to call you friend.

Jeanette Scott Hearing your story of how your life changed because of your husband’s health crisis was so close to my reality. Thank-you for showing that life can get better and for hope.

Marty Guilbeaux Flowers You are the meaning of courage..and you infuse that courage into others. From the art to the daily truths..I am always inspired and blessed. You always bring us alongside, I feel like I have known you for years and we have never met in person. Thank you!!

Amie Peele Carter Melody’s gentle authenticity has pulled me back to the surface time and again. Her spirituality and creativity yield a true force of nature – constant inspiration to speak your truth in love, with trust, and to live and love with your whole heart.

Melena Christopherson Melody, you have been such an inspiration to me, ever since I was working on a design team for your scrapbook company. I watched as you lost everything and came back stronger, and have been completely in awe as you have found yourself while helping so many others do the same!

Ronnie Dornhoffer Melody…… a healed spirit is beyond priceless ♥️

Sandi Floyd Rusch I’ve been blessed to know melody ross for almost 10 years.  I say blessed, because if i’d never clicked on brave girls club, if I’d never taken soul restoration 1 and 2, if I’d never gone to brave girls camp… (can I just tell you I started crying as I wrote those last words?) if I’d never been given the tools… I honestly don’t know where I’d be right now.

but I know I wouldn’t be feeling blessed.

Melody Ross is one of the most beautiful souls on this planet.  without her teachings, love and support I would not be living my dream right now.

I owe my beautiful life to melody.

Elizabeth Padilla

Melody Ross, when I first saw your Brave Girls Club page I was totally submerged in it and have followed you since. I signed up for your letter and daily encouragement to which I wake up to open my email and find a new read to inspire my day. Your journey is an inspiration to me as I follow for feeding my heart, mind & soul to this very day. I am grateful because I know it is not coincidence to have discovered your journey. I thank God for you everyday.

Alison Hill

There are so many ways that your words and messages have touched my life, the crazy thing is right now, when I’m feeling kind of broken, I find it hard to put it in to words. I guess what I could say, is one of the most inspiring things I’ve seen. Watching my best friend, come from a dark and broken place, to attend practice camp, and see her learn through your curriculum and a place of love and support, how to love herself. She learned to spread her wings and I feel like you’ve been a big part of her gaining the confidence to discover the woman she is today. You’ve touched my heart and my best friend’s heart and changed our lives and the women we are forever.


Maggie Latham Last year I created and completed two books. A Soul Book and a Soul Restoration Book. The whole process was extremely cathartic. My therapist said that by creating those two books I did more in a few short months than a year of therapy with her! Soul Books are an amazingly creative way of working through distressful, difficult times. Thank you Melody for sharing and caring. 💜

Camille Serra Bates The curriculum you taught at the very first Camp changed how I perceive myself, my value, and my contribution to the world for the rest of my life.

Suzie Danner Your work and mission through Brave Girls Club has been a support to me through emotional healing and has changed me forever. I have done both Soul Restoration (took me a full year of diligent work), and The Walk as online classes. They continue to be resources for me. Your words in the Daily Truth emails (a little bird told me) have given me the needed perspective and affirmation of my value at just the right time, over and over. I love the Choose Happy book and the new She Does It Anyway Book, and reread them often. I have gifted a large number of Choose Happy books to those I love and I have your artwork in my home office, because it reminds me off the principles I have learned through your teachings in the courses I mentioned and shorter courses offered through Brave Living. I have loved your work for about five years and look forward to many more. Thank you so much for sharing your insights and messages from God (your story in The Walk – most amazing and sacred). Thank you, Melody! 💗

Tamara Mulkey Melody Ross is an angel forged by fire. I have heard her speak several times and am a founding member of Brave Girls Club. Through the courses she has created, I have slowly found myself and my talents again. Thank you so much Mel!

Cindy Christensen Walsh I’ve had a terrible rocky road as well ~ dealt with a weird lupus like virus for years that ended up with me in the ICU having a grand mal seizure at work…there’s more AND finally started to recover from that and my son was diagnosed with cancer. We survived it all … and I found YOU and some meditation along the way. I’m a nurse ~ but trained as an artist first. In my soul I feel I’m an artist.

Your courses got me through some tough soul work ~ releasing some anger from a narcissistic mother and bad relationship choices.

I bought your coffee cups with the typed inspiration word and look at it everyday.

What you do touched me. Thank you.

Susan Hill Dearinger Melody,

While my husband was sick with cancer I found Brave Girls Club and took it to heart. The daily emails, the art lessons, just everything you offered became a life line for me. I honestly could not have made it through those cancer years and his death without the Brave Girl philosophy. I lost my way after he died but I have found my way back and have brought out all my Brave Girl “stuff”. The work that you and your family does is a ministry to me. I know that whatever you have planned for us will be awesome! God bless you big sweet lady!

Detta Darnell I loved all your Brave Girl’s Club stuff and it help me to recover my confidence around creativity and being good enough. I’ve done hundreds of courses and tradings over the last fourth years and I can honestly say your restoration courses are the courses that have stayed with me more than anything else I’ve done! I still dove into the wisdom to date! ♥️

Susan Cook I have been a Brave Girl since I first saw your article in Where Women Create many years ago. Taken so many courses, made art with you while doubting I had any artist in me and many times the daily emails kept me going. You are a friend I have never met.

I appreciate that you do not sugar coat your life for marketing purposes rather let us see the real deal, challenges and all. May love and peace mark your way ahead.

Jeana Cox At one of the lowest points of my life I found Melody and Brave Girls Club. Through her classes I learned to find out who I really was and find the woman I had thought was lost forever. I subscribe to the Little Birdie daily emails and it’s amazing how the right message will come on the right day when I need it the most. My motto or mantra thanks to Melody is She Did It Anyway, I even have it tattooed on my arm so that I never forget that I can be brave and do it anyway.

Heidi Woodruff I participated in one of your online classes many years ago. It made an huge impact, giving me skills I still use to this day!

Michelle Arnold-Yeager Dearest friend I’ve never met: One day I happened upon ‘A Little Bird Told Me’ forwarded by someone on Facebook. I signed up for the daily emails in 2013 during one of the darkest times of my life and you literally saved it! Having my “carnival” parent in my only safe haven while we transitioned her to a dementia facility was nearly the death of me but for every time she screamed how she wished she’d aborted me, you and Kathy pulled me back – spoke life into me through those daily messages and then through Soul Restoration, too. Once she was gone and all the guilt piled on, your maiden voyage of The Walk kept me on the right path. Now that I’m into Glamping with my old high school girlfriends, I cherish the new campfire times because I learned so much from all of my Brave Girl Sisterhood.

Antoniette Saunders Melody Ross has given me the practical tools I needed to carry out my faith and my life’s mission. She did all the gritty work of sorting through her own relatable life experiences and categorizing them into manageable sections to tackle so that the rest of us could see that soul work doesn’t have to be an endless process with no rewards along the way. There is much beauty to be had in the trenches and Melody has created a lifetime of inspirational work that can reach anyone, touch anyone and inspire anyone, no matter where you are at in your life’s journey. I’ve taken online courses, done live retreats and worked alongside Melody and all three experiences have proven her consistent passion to be true, she wants to help us all restore our souls and change our lives in fun, creative ways. She realizes that this looks different for everyone and gives us the freedom to express our own visions while using her universal tools. So grateful for Melody and her great, big giving heart. <3

Amy Ruth Bowers Bryan my daughter and I used your Brave Girls Club curriculum several years ago and we both really enjoyed it and I still have the notebooks we created😍you are so uplifting & loving & often better for me than any Hallmark card😉🙌🏼😘

Katie Fasching In 2012, I took one of your classes because from what I was reading, the stuff you were saying was missing in my life. I was 2 years into my recovery of sobriety. Recovery isn’t just about not drinking it’s about restoring you to the person you were created to be. Allowing yourself to heal and renew my mind. Your class shook my world of how horrible I was being to myself the negative self talk! I loved the art work and the hard truths about myself but we can’t heal what isn’t acknowledged. ❤️ Thank you for being brave and being a tool in my journey of restoring me.

Laura Hanna Melody – you changed my life, and I mean really changed my life. My husband moved out – he had cheated – and I had never felt lower in my life. I had three sons to raise and I knew I had to pick myself up and keep going for them but I had no idea who I was or what I would do with the rest of my life. That summer I took Soul Restoration and Body Restoration and there was a moment, standing at my kitchen table when everything shifted. I created a page in my album where I listed every excuse I could with why I couldn’t move on or go on. and on top of it all I mod podged the words “She Did It Anyway”. It became my mantra. I enrolled in college and spent the next three years taking 16-20 credits a term while I worked full time and took care of my kids and house and dog. And every time I thought I was too tired or it was too hard I looked at that page and did it anyway. I am a college graduate, I have three sons who know what it means to never give up. I have created a life I love and count my blessings every day. Because every day you and Brave Girls were there to cheer me on, lift me up and encourage me. As I learned in Body Restoration – I am so much more than you can see – and because of Brave Girls I believe it with all my heart. Thank you for believing in me, and most importantly, helping me believe in myself.

Kathryn Olson I am a weaver, I like a small tapestry loom that to me looks like a door. Anyway, last year I saw those books you made, with cardboard, paper and inspirational quotes, Soul book? I think. I wanted to make one, but with my weaving. It’s taken a year to find the courage to try, but I finally made one, using a poem that matters very much to me. I’m ridiculously proud of myself, and find the book so helpful. It really was a lot your project that helped me to make this, even if I went another direction. I love your inspiring words, and am learning to see myself as brave. I come from a background of abuse, and am almost 60. Thank you for all you do.

Heather Bilyeu Brave Girls Club awakened my creativity and helped me begin my journey into my shadow work. Along the way I discovered patterns in my life that led to self discovery and the uncovering of the origins of my pain. I have so much gratitude for Melody bearing her heart fearlessly along this amazing path of healing to help others with so much kindness, reassurance, love and acceptance. Thank you Melody and Brave Living. You had a hand in saving my life. <3

Megg Demko My dear friend introduced me to the Brave Girls many years ago. It was during a time of change, illness in my family, loss ,a major move while raising my 2 teenage boys. Those were just a few things going on. Life. I am an Middle School Art teacher. I’ve taught for 19 years, all ages. I have taken 3 classes,Soul House, Body Restoration and Birds and Butterflies. I may have the names wrong. For me, these classes provided inspiration to just create and enjoy the process. I worked on these during the summer and set up camp, literally in my kitchen. Your love of life and courage have given me such inspiration and that has overflowed to all of the young girls I have taught. Your a dream maker Melody Ross.

Janine Broscious I found you at a pivotal time in my life! I had just completed homeschooling our three sons for 20 years. The last one graduated and I didn’t know what my purpose was anymore. Big mid-life crisis! I joined Brave Girls Club and did the art lessons. I had done a lot of arts and crafts to this point, but had no confidence to design anything of my own. Your lessons showed me that I DO have something to offer the world with my artistic endeavors. And the the Little Bird emails helped me to stop the negative tape that seemed to always play in my head. Now I design my own art, make hand hooked rugs, sell my patterns and teach others to hook art. I have found purpose again and it is to inspire and encourage others to try new things and believe that they too have something to offer the world. God really used you to give me confidence just when I needed it! Thank you so much! 

Kathleen Braasch I have been with Melody, since The Walk, a course that changed the way I look at myself and others. Many people were hurting so much and needed an outlet to find some peace. We were all on that road together. The content of the course both video and written were so rich with concrete actions that I watched amazing changes unfold for the participants. You could see how someone, though not seen in person, could impact so many needy souls. I have done many other courses with much the same effect. I even went to New Mexico for one of her classes which I let my Aunt and Mother take without me so they could encounter all Melody’s Grace. I am forever grateful for this brilliant star that I will continue to follow.

Lori Weber Where do I begin, from camp to little birdie, to symposium. I had a dark place in my life and then I was blessed to have Melody Ross to come into my life. I took classes on line. I believe that without brave girls my soul would not be what it is today. Forever grateful…love to you always.

Stephanie Laub Sefcik Brave Girl art School helped me to find my creativity that I had hidden deep inside me! Melody’s instruction and resources were so inspirational and helpful. The other course I took was the Walk. This helped me to get on my path and see where I have been and where I am going. Although it’s been a few years, the messages she taught me have stuck! What I love most about Melody is that she is real, vulnerable and is rich in wisdom and love!

Glorie Johnson Melody Ross created a program like no other. Not only did she create an atmosphere for women to support and love each other. With her original retreats.

But when I was at one of my lowest times in my life. I was able in the safety of my home confront some of my past. Her daily videos were heartwarming and made me feel like they were just for me. She saved my life and repaired my soul. The best part is she continues to come up with the next thing I need. I would highly recommended attending any of her Soul Restoration classes taught by teachers throughout the world.

She has lived all of her material so she knows it works.

I have enjoyed Soul Restoration and many classes by Brave Girls and now Brave Living.

Treza Oghoorian Melody I will forever be grateful for having found the Brave Girls Club. I have gotten through so many dark days by watching your beautiful videos and hearing your inspiring words. A couple of years ago I decided to come to your Symposium as a Birthday gift to myself. What an amazing experience that was!! I learned so much and have been growing so much since then. But the highlight of it all was to finally meet you in person!! Can’t wait to one day attend one of your events again and bring my daughter. Keep shining your beautiful light and inspiring. Thank you!! 💖💖

Karla Raby Olson Melody’s work changed my life. I was going through breast cancer and by taking in her beautiful art inspired self discovery classes I Was able to maintain hope and faith throughout this process and gracefully move through it. She was an anchor for me during a tough time. She gave me permission to Feel all of my emotions which allowed me to Heal. She taught me that self love is not selfish and she’s made me a better mom, daughter and friend. I will be forever grateful. She is So Brave.

Soul Restoration

Jane Fernandez I was a part of the first Soul Restoration class. It changed my life. I was dealing with my marriage ending and losing the future I had planned out. This class changed my life. It was better than any therapy I could ever go through. And the women I went through the class with were incredible. I can’t thank Melody Ross enough for creating Brave Girls Club and the Soul Restoration class. I’m not sure I would’ve made it through quite so easily without it. ❤️ I still turn to the projects and coursework when I hit difficult times. And I’m so grateful that Melody lead me back to creativity and art! Xx

Taryn Pyle My first course with Melody Ross was Soul Restoration. I believe it was the foundation for my life beginning authentically. It was real, emotional, challenging and worth every minute

Julie Thornton Terrill The day after I returned home from my first Soul Restoration Retreat I received a call from a long-estranged relative. After an initial moment of intense anxiety I could hear Melody’s voice in my head assuring me that I could do this and I am worthy of the protection afforded by strong boundaries. I did what I would not have had the tools to accomplish a week before – set firm boundaries from a loving position. Thank you Melody for teaching me how to cultivate safe, grownup relationships with my family. ❤️

Jennifer Rushton I pasted a broken house just the other day with a porch. I thought about soul houses and importance of protecting my soul from others who at one time were not welcome visitors. Thankfully my relationship with them has changed but I was so grateful to feel supported as a I struggled with navigating a toxic relationship.

Stacey Robb I went to a Soul Restoration retreat taught by one of your certified instructors. Your videos, Dianne’s words and encouragement and the materials for journaling and making a Soul Book opened my eyes to new possible roads in my life. It gave me a strength I did not know I had and the courage to start down those new roads.

Brianne Nicole Porterfield A friend of mine introduced you to me by posting your daily truths, and through those they have gotten me through some really down days. I am bi polar and I suffer with long low moments that can last weeks to months. Reading your daily truths and reminding me to be brave has given me strength to get up and get moving. LIfe is short, be brave and live it. I still have low days, but you always get me up and through it. God is using you in a very big way. – Brie

Rose Marie Varga I had no idea when I signed up for Soul Restoration that it would transform my life. It did. The daily emails saw me through what was one of the worst decades of my life and when Brave Girls University began I revisited Soul Restoration and it took me to a whole different level of being. I highly recommend work8ng with Melody.

Glenda Willm Propst Melody , you came into my world when I happened upon your jewelry and art in a store in Branson in 2013.

That same year I took Soul Restoration and it changed my life in my ways I could have never imagined. It taught me how to forgive myself for mistakes I made when I was young and taught me how to love my imperfect self.

I went to camp in 2014 and became a certified instructor in 2016.

Even though life has kept me from pursuing that…the lessons I learned have forever changed me. I am happier and healthier because I am living a life of happiness in the midst of the all the hard stuff I have lived through.

I am team Melody forever!💙

Debra A. Schumacher Soul Restoration ~ I remember you walking through that dilapidated house. Our soul house was broken but could be healed. The truth card. The time line. Cutting and pasting and painting back to who I’m meant to be. I think that 2008- I still refer to the truth cards. 😘 xo

Sami Jo Melton Mel and Marq – I’ll never forget the day you showed up at my house to gift me a spot in your very first Soul Restoration. I had no idea that Christmas would be so special. I was lost in a sea of shame from past hurts, I was a young over whelmed mama and I just needed someone to lift my head and tell me that it all was going to be okay. The art we made softened my heart. The tender talks you had with us – opened me up. You’ve heard me say it before and I’ll say it always – the Lord used you to lift my head, to start my heart healing and most importantly, He used you to help me realize the depth of His unfailing love. I will forever grateful for you. Love always. <3

Kristie Rogers I learned to listen to my soul and found myself again through “Soul Restoration” . I really feel that through the process I saved my life. I have made 6 SOUL BOOKS THAT HAVE BECOME MY TREASURES TOO. They only regret is that I couldn’t get to camp

LeAnne Spitzer Sayre I just recently attended soul restoration, it was life changing. I was able to let all the lies go and forgiveness came so easily. My truths hang on the wall and I am reminded of this beautiful journey everyday. Thank you for giving me the tools that empower me.

Beth Anderson You changed my life, Melody Ross!! Took me from broken to healed and I never dreamed I’d be the person I am today! Yes, it took a lot of soul work on my part, but it all started with you and my amazing friend, who introduced me to your Soul Restoration course and daily truths emails. I truly owe so much to both of you!


Peg Levis Your Daily Truths were one of the most powerful things to pull me out of depression. They were the one positive light I had showing me the way out of that deep hole

Annette Allison Millard The Little Bird emails brought me back to an understanding of who I was. I’ve copied and saved every post, read them over and over and cried cleansing tears as truth washed over and through my mind, heart and soul.

Karen Boren Gerstenberger Melody, your spirit of love and encouragement have been so helpful to me, especially in your “A Little Bird Told Me” messages. Thank you!

Kristin Shuster Freer I found Brave Girls by accident, but the messages felt like they were personal for me somehow. It came at a time when I needed kindness and honesty and a courageous heart, and it helped carry me a little further down my path. I was so called to the messages of Brave Girl that I went solo to Boise, Idaho for a weekend of soul sharing, and came away with a renewed calling in my life. Melody, your gentle grace has made my life a little sweeter. For that, i thank you so much 💜💜💜

Holly Severson I went through very painful divorce and I can’t tell you the number of times that your daily letter contained exactly the words my soul needed to hear. It helped me to learn to speak to myself with more loving kindness and pulled me through some really dark times. Thank you for being a brave and vulnerable example for all of us when we need support and guidance.

Debra Keesee When I open my email or Facebook there I will find those little words of inspiration – just when I needed it! How do you know my heart? You full my heart with your words. 

Melissa Maskell one of my favorite customers at work was wearing a piece of brave girl jewelry she created. I loved it of course. She told me all about this brave girl club and we both instantly knew I was initiated right there at the bank. The messages come when I need to hear them. This is an amazing group to belong to. Thank you for bringing us all together!

Lori Curran Omg! Your back! I’ve missed you so! I looked forward to a little bird told me, but the biggest impact you had on my life was a little book “ you’re going to be ok.” On days that I thought there was no way I was going to be okay, I read my little book or watched on you tube and thought yes I can do it I can be okay. I don’t know what you are planning for the future of Brave girls club. But I can’t wait!!!!!! Keep me posted and God bless you and all you do!

Caralee Himes I was getting Brave Girl emails at a time in my life I really needed them. I just divorced and moved into my apartment. It was my first time on my own. I was working full time and trying to be a single parent to my girls. I truly felt like a failure. I had let my girls down, failed at my marriage and could not make ends meet no matter how many hours I worked. The brave girl emails saved me. They made me realize I was a good person and I could make it on my own. They showed me it was okay to take time for myself to heal. They gave me hope. Many times I read and reread the emailed messages, thinking how did she know to send this one to me. I felt they were written purposely for me that day and the situation I was in. Thank you.

Diane Gilronan Loghry Brave girls was instrumental to me weathering the passing of my sister. There were many days that I struggled to support and be there for her when it felt like there was no one there for me. But the little bird messages always came just when I needed them and gave me inspiration to keep going. Your story and Brave girl messages are a

Much needed influence in this world. Just do your best. It will be enough❤️

River Aaland During a time when I was going through an intense breakdown and barely managing to function, your daily truths were a lifeline. It felt like you always said what I needed to hear to keep going, to keep the faith that I would get through it and that I had strength and value. ❤️

Elizabeth Aviles Padilla Melody Ross, when I first saw your Brave Girls Club page I was totally immersed in it and I have followed you since. I signed up for your letter and daily encouragement to which I wake up to open my email and find a new read to inspire my day. Your journey is an inspiration to me as I follow for feeding my heart, mind & soul to this very day. I am grateful because I know it is not coincidence to have discovered your journey. I thank God for you everyday. ❤️

Marion Hardeen Strauser I can’t even remember where I found Brave Girls; but your daily “a Little Bird Told Me” emails have been so uplifting, I couldn’t do without them. I bought 6 copies of your first book of them, so I could share it with my sisters and best friends. I started my first art journal after seeing how it helped you; I’ve always crafted and journaled, but never thought to put the 2 together. Thank you so much for sharing your life journey with us; you have helped so many, and continue to do so. 💖💖

Cathy Garcia Melody I adore you! I found your website BGU & began receiving your daily emails which literally came right on time in some of my darkest moments you shined a light of encouragement with the perfect message for that day🌸 I completed Soul Restoration which had a profound effect on me. My Soul Book is still a work in progress… as am I. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world. You give me courage to do the same.

Sonya Andrews Your words always inspire me and motivate me through Life’s trials , you help me to realize that through the struggles there is hope shining like a beacon in the darkness .

Karen Hanna ‘A little bird told me’ never fails to speak to that part of me that needs to be told. Like a warm hug that is always there just when I need it.


David Kiersznowski Melody…you helped us create an entirely new venture at DEMDACO; you helped give voice to thousands of our customers…to allow them to feel confident and brave and connected and affirmed. So grateful for your work , your partnership, your talents and your soul. Excited to see the next iteration of your shared creativity.

Beth Anderson I adore your little books. I keep them out all the time so I can grab them as needed!

Kim Rayas I’ve never been so spiritually inspired by such an amazing designer & artist. I worked in the scrapbook industry as a magazine ad sales rep & also owned an online store. Chatterbox by Melody Ross was a line with amazing texture, class & design. Bestseller for sure! I always bought everything! Still to this day, it’s a favorite that I refuse to depart with. The quality, elegance, color schemes and everything about her product never disappointed anyone! Bring it back Melody! ❤️

Outside of scrapbooking & via social media, this woman always inspires me. Her messages, quotes, stories, Art & everything about her is nothing but sharing her beautiful soul to help others.

Wishing you the best! 😘

Casey Matheson Love my Chatterbox idea books you designed so much. I refuse to part with them. They absolutely spark joy and initiated paper creativity into my life. Forever grateful!!

Diane K. Teske I am a psychologist that works with teenagers. I end almost every session by offering them a Tiny Little Pep Talk to take with them. I tell them, “Choose one and it is EXACTLY what you need to hear today.” I have also offered them to adults that work at my school and each person leaves feeling validated by your words. My fear is that you will not create them anymore. Please don’t EVER stop the Tiny Little Pep Talks! I LOVE them! <3

Carol Miller I found Melody in a Stamping magazine in 2008. It was kindred spirits. I have recieved Little Birdie Daily Email, and so many times its was exactly what I needed. Her messages resonated with my soul time and time again. Her products are wonderful from stamps, to old Brave Girl scrapbooking and loved her Brave Boxes. She feed my soul when it was so lonely and helped me see I was Enough everyday, just where I was on my path to the true me. I had a painting of mine picked for little Birdie. I was thrilled. Have also, taken her classes. Just a geninue real person. Love you Girl

Tori Davies-Wompey As a person living with Multiple Sclerosis and from being very active to disabled Melody’s words and Brave birdie emails, books and brave girl quotes have tremendously impacted my life. I’ve was actually already following you while healthy but more since my health declined. The artwork and quotes are hung in my home. Be brave and brave girl are mantras repeated numerous times a day. You have inspired me to keep going on my toughest days and still have a beautiful life. You are beautiful on the inside and out and words cannot express my gratitude for your kindness, compassion and love. Your words and artwork express all that is true, pure and kind. Thank you. Brightest blessings. ❤️

Annette Sayger Avery I have been following your work for a few years now, and it’s been such an encouragement to me through the roughest time in my life. You remind me that beauty is incredibly healing to our souls (even though I don’t really grasp this idea, I know it’s true), that there is always hope, and you remind me I can do (and HAVE DONE) hard things. I am not the weakling I used to think I was. Thank you for creating beautiful cards/art pieces, and words that nourish and strengthen my soul 💚💚💚

Lizzie McFryer Melody….your Brave Girls Club inspires me every day! I loved getting your emails in my inbox on a daily basis, back in the day. Each time I got one, it seemed like it came at exactly the right moment….then….I got a BRAVE BOX! Your second last one….and I was truly moved and inspired in ways you cannot imagine! I have now created 3 of my own version called Gifts from the Glen – they are a gift for “you or someone you love” and are meant to promote local artists and artisans and connect us all! I have limited each box to only 50 but you should know, your Brave Box was what inspired me….at a very difficult time in my life – I owe you a million thanks and buckets of gratitude! xoxoxo

Allison Landes Stordahl There is no way to capture the impact you have had on someone who you have never met. I loved your work before I knew who you were. You created a scrapbook line that I just loved and the products inspired me to create. Later I found brave girls club and took two soul restoration classes on line, played with art and learned about being brave. I have your scarves and I drink out of your mug that defines a brave woman. I have enjoyed the little bird messages and shared the little girl ones with my daughter and her friends and her scout troop. I have been inspired by your honesty and sharing of your story. You have impacted my life on many many levels, just by sharing you. I am so grateful. I hope you continue to do what brings you joy and continue to share your gifts with the world. Thank you for being you …

Melody Wolfinsohn Soul sisters help each other fly. Those words on a plaque from a friend began my Brave Girls journey. I found the website and began receiving little bird emails. enjoyed and shared the gifts of encouragement and light that Melody sends out into the world. Bought some You’re Going To Be Okay books for a domestic violence shelter, as well as other friends and family. Autumn 2018, I was able to attend The Walk – it was life changing!!! such support, so many tools that brought healing and growth. I continued to get stronger over the next few months, had already decided that I would do Soul Restoration in Spring, with a new friend who was a cabin mate on the Walk. Just last month, I returned to Idaho and went through this incredible experience. My heart is full, my soul is shining! love you, Mel !! ❤️