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Journaling and creative expression are proven to both ease anxiety, depression and funks – and to get our minds and hearts into the most positive state to move forward in our lives. For people who have difficulty putting their feelings into words, or writing in general — Cut & Paste Journaling is an extremely effective option for doing your SoulWork. Watch these videos to understand more:

True Words - A Cut & Paste Workbook

Thousands and thousands of words, letters, sentences, quotes and sentiments for you to search through to find just the right way to express yourself, your life, your dreams and your life experience. This book is so chock-full of goodness that you’ll be using it for years and years to come! Printed on high quality cream paper with classic black ink, this will be your go-to for collaging, art journaling and cut & paste journaling. Click HERE to see more photos of this must-have resource book!

Word & Letter Builder - A Cut & Paste Workbook

You’ll never have to search for the right letter, number or punctuation again in your collage and art journaling practice! This substantial book not only has thousands of colorful letters and numbers of all sizes and fonts, it also contains colorful pages to glue your own ‘found’ letters and numbers to keep them all in one place, as well as frames, backgrounds and word bubbles to cut out as a background for the messages you put together with your brilliant mind. Printed on thick, high quality paper with vibrant full-color ink, you’ll never tire of putting together just the right words to express who you are and what you want out of life. Click HERE to see the insides of this gorgeous book.

Life Is Your Soul Road - A Cut & Paste Journal

This is the original Cut & Paste Journaling book! You’ll cut out the collage sheets, leaving behind gorgeous 2-page spreads, creating a gorgeous full color art journal to paste, write and create in. This absolutely stunning book will get you started on your path of Creative Soul-Searching . . . all you’ll need is a pair of scissors, a glue stick and a pen. Prepare to get addicted to this life-changing soulwork! Full color, printed on thick paper with vibrant ink. Click HERE to see inside this beautiful book. 

Creative Soul-Searching DIGITAL DOWNLOADS



Life is an epic adventure with so much to experience and learn . . . I write both illustrated stories to express parts of this human journey, and chapter books to dive deeply into the stages our soul takes as we figure it all out. Let me read some passages to you!

She Does it Anyway

There are times when we must look our “impossible” dilemmas square in the face and take care of them anyway. This book is an homage to your courage, your awesomeness and the grit it takes to do difficult things.

So You're Not Their Cup of Tea

Being YOU is your superpower, but sometimes we all get wrapped up in trying to be what others want us to be. In this beautifully illustrated book, you’ll remember that being different adds to the beauty of the world, the beauty of life and the beauty of YOU. You’ll find not just the COURAGE to be exactly who you are, but the joy and peace that comes when you stop trying to be anything you are not.

You are Going to Be Okay

Hard things happen in life and it’s something that just can’t be avoided . . . but we will always make it through our hard times. This book is a pep talk to let you or anyone you love know that even though life can be really tough sometimes, we are going to be okay.

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