July 11 - July 16th, 2022 | St. George, UT

You will be certified to teach Melody Ross Curriculum and be personally coached and trained to utilize and facilitate Melody Ross Teaching Methods at this intensive 5-day personal coaching event.


About Soul Road Curriculum

Soul Road Curriculum, created by Melody Ross, is designed to utilize strategic questions, creative projects, soulful exercises and deep self-inquiry to help human beings remember who they are, why they’re here and what they are capable of. Tens of thousands of students all over the world have reset their lives and found their truest selves through the extensive library of Soul Road Curriculum. As a Certified Soul Road Instructor, you will have the authority and the training to teach the world renowned course, Soul Restoration, as well as Melody’s library of satellite Soul School courses that dive into specific topics. Soul Restoration is a master course, and Melody’s other master courses will be available for certification in the future.


Now + July 11 — 16th, 2022

NOW – JULY 11th
You will be emailed a link to a playlist in Vimeo of every Soul Restoration video, as well as a PDF of the workbook. PLEASE watch every video and follow-along in the workbook. Do the exercises if you have time, and especially if you are currently in need of a Soul Restoration experience, yourself. I cannot express enough, the importance of doing this before you arrive! You will be miles ahead if you invest in yourself in this way, and miles behind if you don’t. Share your experience in the Facebook Group so that you can start bonding with your co-teachers. It will be so rewarding! If youu’re not in the Facebook Group yet . . . here’s the link!
5:30 PM

Come get settled-in, relax and have your breath taken away by the scenery, enjoy the ranch and each other as we prepare for our opening session!

6:30 PM
Welcome Dinner

Sit down for a delicious and  beautiful meal on the rooftop with everyone, while enjoying a stunning view of Snow Canyon!

7:30 PM
Opening Session
Let’s do some getting-to-know-you activities with each other that you’ll be able to take and utilize in your own events, setting the stage for a soulful week together.
10:00 PM
Soul Road Fireside
We will close each night with some soulful thoughts at the campfire, then head off to bed!
7 am – 9 AM
Soulful Morning

Breakfast will be ready for you in the  kitchen whenever you are ready! Spend the mornings enjoying the sunrise, doing the assigned morning homework and getting ready for your day.

 9:00 AM
Morning Session – Soul Road Teaching Methods
PART 1 of Soul Road Teaching Methods
12:00 PM
Soulful Lunch

Enjoy an hour to refuel your body and prepare your mind for the next session. Please bring lunch foods that you enjoy to fuel yourself during this time. Snacks are available in the kitchen for you to enjoy, as well. You can put the food you bring in the refrigerator or freezer in the barn kitchen.

1:00 PM
Afternoon Session – Soul Road Teaching Methods
Part 2 of Soul Road Teaching Methods
2:30 PM
Journaling Time
Step away and complete journal prompts to seal the lessons learned. Be prepared to share some of your answers later at the campfire!
4:00 PM
Move Your Body
Each afternoon, we will take turns leading each other in a dance party to wake us up and get our blood moving. Bring your best moves to share with the group! The dorkier, the better!
4:15 PM
Soul Restoration Assignments
Buckle up! This is where the rubber hits the road! This is where your teaching adventure begins. Via drawing out of a hat, you’ll be given your lesson assignments to teach to the rest of the group the following day. Be so excited…this is wonderful!
6:00 PM
Soulful Dinner Time

Another delicious and beautiful meal, prepared for you by loving and artistic hands!

7:00 – 9:30 PM
Soul Restoration Lesson Study & Mentoring

Using your teaching manual and student workbook, you’ll be studying your assigned lessons to prepare for teaching to the group. Melody and staff will be available to answer any questions you may have and to provide any coaching you may need.

9:30 PM
Soul Road Fireside
Let’s soulfully close the day together around the fire and share what we’ve each learned.
JULY 13th
7 am – 9 am
Soulful Morning

Breakfast will be ready for you in the kitchen whenever you are ready! Spend the mornings enjoying the sunrise, doing the assigned morning homework and getting ready for your day.

9:30 AM
This is where you will start teaching the other instructors! We will go through the lessons chronologically, utilizing each other as our test students. After you teach your lesson, Melody will coach your performance and you and the other instructors will be able to discuss and ask questions. Be sure to pay attention to when your lesson is so you’re ready!
12:00 pm
Just like yesterday’s lunch! enjoy!
1:00 pm
We’ll pick up where we left off and go as far as we can before 3pm!
3:00 pm
Break and Get Ready for Field Trip
It’s a surprise!
3:30 pm
Surprise Field Trip
Be excited! Be very excited!
5:30 pm
Break and Get Ready For Dinner
This is your time!
6:00 pm
By now you’ll know that it’s just gonna be goooooood!
7:00 pm

We’ll see how far we get before the fireside at 9!

9:00 pm
Soul Road Fireside
We’ll have so much to share and celebrate!
JULY 14th
7am – 9am
Soulful Morning
You know just what to do!
9:00 am
Surprise Morning Experience
It will be unforgettable!
9:45 AM
We will finish up and celebrate our SOUL RESTORATION lessons!
12:00 PM
Soulful Lunch
1:00 PM
Melody will guide you through writing a mission statement and making goals for your new Soul Road business!
5:00 PM
It’s all about you!
6:00 PM
Open Time
This is your time to bond with the other instructors, get your questions answered by Soul Road staff and write all of your ideas and inspiration in your journal!
9:00 PM
Soul Road Fireside
You know this will be good!
JULY 15th
8 am
Leisurely Morning

Sleep in,  go for a walk, go the pool . . . whatever your heart desires! You earned it! Breakfast will be ready at 8!

11 am

We will go over the business of having events, retreats and workshops. Have your questions ready!

1 pm
Soulful Lunch

You’ve made lifelong friends by now! Enjoy your time together!

2 pm

We will go over business logistics, staffing, legal issues,etc.  Have your questions ready!!

4 pm
Open Time

Enjoy a few hours to yourself to do whatever you want!

6 pm
Closing Dinner

Let’s start the celebration!

8 pm


JULY 16th
Breakfast and Bon Voyage!

It’s been the best week, ever!

Where It’s At

The Ledges Resort

1585 Ledges Pkwy

St. George, Utah 84770

What you need to know:

Certified Instructor Training Information

The closest airports are , Saint George Regional Airport (SGU), and Las Vegas Internation Aiport (LAS)  The drive from the Las Vegas airport is about 2 hours long, and very beautiful.

We  will be staying together in a large beautiful home inside of The Ledges Resort in St. George. We will be learning in a classroom in the living room or kitchen, outside by the fire and maybe even at the red cliffs across the street. You will have your own bed but you might be sharing a room with  one of the other women coming to get certified. It’s a wonderful, memorable experience. If you are particular about your towels, please bring a towel and washcloths and of course, toiletries. There are lovely bathrooms and showers that all guests will be sharing.

We will provide a fresh breakfast of fruit, yogurt and toast that you can help yourself to in the mornings in the beautiful kitchen, as well as coffee, tea and hot cocoa. If you love something different for breakfast, please bring it. There are several grocery stores in town, about 15 minutes away. Please bring your favorite foods for lunch. We will have some snacks and basic food items for you during the day, but please bring your favorite foods for lunches. Again, there are wonderful grocery stores to choose from in St. George to get anything you need! You can put your food in the refrigerator at the house. We will have a delicious meal for you for dinner every night, and snacks around the fire in the evenings.

We will go on a few field trips. Please bring protective shoes with good tread. Hiking boots, athletic shoes, etc. are all great for this! We can’t let you come to St. George without taking you to some of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see!

Please bring a water bottle. We are in the high desert and we all need to stay hydrated! You can fill up at the house.

Temperatures will vary, so please bring layers. Nights cool off significantly and mornings can be brisk. By afternoon, it will be quite warm. So bring layers! It’s so beautiful here and you will want to be outside, so please bring sunscreen and a hat and even a bathing suit because there are 2 gorgeous pools and hot tubs!

YOU REALLY MUST WATCH ALL SOUL RESTORATION VIDEOS before coming or you will feel very behind. Please make an effort to do this, as well as follow-along in the PDF workbook as you watch. Please participate in the Facebook Group so you can be aware of any new announcements, etc.

When you get here, you will be presented with a large Certified Instructor Manual, as well as physical copies of the published Soul Restoration workbook. After the intensive teaching method training, you will be teaching a portion of Soul Restoration to your peers, after we draw names as a group to see what lesson you will be teaching. So be sure to study up on all of the lessons before you come! You’ll have several hours to prepare, but come prepared too! This is such a wonderful part of training, to learn from each other.

It’s going to be A LIFE-CHANGING WEEK that you will never forget, where you will bond deeply with the curriculum, with your purpose and with EACH OTHER. You will never meet finer human beings than those who feel this calling on their life, the same way you do. You have so much to look forward to!

If you have questions, please post them in the Facebook Group or send me a message personally.

I can’t wait for you to get here!!

Sending so much love!

Melody Ross