My newest online course is with Jeanne Oliver Creative Network. It’s called SOUL MOSAIC and I am SO OVERJOYED to share it with you!


In this life, we get the chance to create and then recreate the version of ourselves that feels most true to us. At any time, we get to sort through the pieces of ourselves and decide what pieces we will continue to grow and develop, and what pieces it might be time to let go of.

I will guide you through beautiful and deep self inquiry and creating a self-portrait collage that embodies the layers of your life. You’ll artfully and creatively honor stages of life through sorting pieces of yourself, embodied with scraps of paper, fabric and various mediums to create a textured and meaningful collage – piecing together who you have become and what life becomes through our own layers.

This course is filled with soulful talks, revolutionary techniques and a whole new way to look at your life. With almost 4 hours of video instruction and absolutely gorgeous PDF downloads . . . this is a course you don’t want to miss!


I will keep you in the loop about upcoming courses and events!