We are a resilient, resourceful and ever-evolving bunch, we humans. And, we are all wondering what to do next to fix this broken world. We are each wondering what our part in this “fixing” should be. We are all wondering how we will regain some sense of stability, knowing, clarity and union.

Guess what? I was just kidding when I said I have all of the answers. I do know you’re a marvel and that you’re capable of more than you know . . . but I don’t have any answers for you or for the world. I want you to think back, though, on what you were thinking when you read that headline up there. “I HAVE ALL OF THE ANSWERS” — Were you HOPING it was true, that maybe I do have THE answers? Were you thinking…”she’s full of it, this is too complicated for simple answers from some life coach” Or were you just curious to see what kind of fantastical theories I could come up with so you could have a good chuckle?

Well, my friends, not only do I NOT have all of the answers . . . no one does. AND THAT IS OKAY! Maybe we need to stop thinking that there are some set-in-stone answers somewhere, because it’s such a waste of time to look for them — and an even bigger waste of time when someone makes you think that THEY have the answers. Because every day, things change. Even the things we had some good ideas about are in such a whirlwind right now that we have to look at those things again day by day. We have to work together to come up with solutions for what’s happening IN THIS EXACT DAY, even though we are still reeling from what happened a week ago, and a month ago, and a year ago . . . and just about every minute in between.

But we are awesome and we can do this. We can figure this out together. I know we can. I know that YOU KNOW we can — when you really stop and think about the people you know best. They are resilient and smart and ready to get to work building up a better world. We can figure out how to put ourselves back together, and in what form we WANT to be reassembled . . . and then we can put our world back together, also in the form we want it to be reassembled.

I’m gonna remind you that back there I asked you to stop and think about the people you know best. I bet they are so awesome. I bet you trust their hearts and their intentions. I bet you have seen them do all that they can to keep going and to help others when they can, during this complicated time in history. THOSE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING TO REBUILD THE WORLD. We get tricked into believing that “they” have a plan, that “they” are either going to fix this or ruin this…when what is true is that THE PEOPLE WHO ARE CLOSEST IN YOUR LIFE are the ones who are going to rebuild the world together that you are going to be stepping into . . . not the ones you see in the news. I hope you’ll focus on creating more love, acceptance, care, compassion, fun and beauty in your little spot, filled with the people that you get to be with and around.

Almost all of your life is made up of the ones around you, often the ones you forget to notice magnificence in — the ones we know best! Those souls are the ones you’re mostly going to be rebuilding the world with, and the spot you’re rebuilding is counting on you! Your life is made up of YOU and what YOU want to create, no matter what your circumstances are. YOU ARE ALWAYS CREATING. We are creating a life with those closest-in, and then we get a bit more time and attention to put on helping the rest of the world, and that is so important . . . but the life you’re going to walk into when all is said and done, when “things go back to normal” – well, that’s the life you’re creating close-up. Don’t forget that your little spot on the planet is important and powerful, and so is everyone else’s. If we all focus on our little spot, and the spots closest to us . . . we are gonna be able to put this back together beautifully.

I want you to feel okay that there is no way we could have all of the answers right now. It really is okay. The answers for the next 15 minutes sometimes have to be enough. Breathe in and out and take the next steps…then repeat. 15 minutes at a time.

If I could send God a text message, I would. I haven’t been able to find an accurate phone number. Do you have that number? I have done Google searches and YouTube searches and even searches on my hands and knees for a manual or even a simple instruction sheet about what we are supposed to do next in a time like this, a global crisis with so many extra toppings that the mystic pizza guy wouldn’t even be able to close the box.

Here’s what I DO HAVE . . . a few answers for my own life, and a few for the people closest around. And, I do mean JUST A FEW. And, I do know how to talk to God . . . it’s just not as easy as a Google search or a text because I often get questions back as answers to my own questions…

Me to God “I don’t know what I am supposed to do next, can You tell me?”

God to Me “Well, what do you want to create?”

Me to God “That’s not what I asked, what does that have to do with anything?”

God to Me “It has everything to do with everything . . . what do you want to create?”

It is so frustrating when we can’t find the exact right instructions for what to do next. Our world, for so long, has had a step-by-step manual for EVERYTHING.

This time, so much of it is up to us. And, if we don’t decide, someone else will just happen. Something else will get built, new things will grow all around us like weeds.

We each have the choice for what we will plant in our own little spot on the planet, and in our own life. We each have the choice for what we will plant in our hearts and in our imaginations. We each have the choice about what words will come out of our mouths and what intentions will come from our hearts and what our hands will create next.

And that’s what we’ve each got to focus on right now. How we EACH want to show up in the world, what we each want to create, how we each want to contribute — now and in the coming months and years. It has to start in our own hearts and in our own imaginations. We each have to imagine up the world we want to go back to, and then we’ve got to work within our own life to create it. And it’s not only okay if it’s just a tiny little group of people, or ONE person (you) in your little spot on the planet….it’s not only okay…it is SO POWERFUL.

I don’t have solutions or answers for my children’s lives, or my husband’s life. I don’t have solutions or answers for my closest friends. None of them have solutions or answers for me for MY LIFE.

We just have ideas, and good thoughts, and hopes and visions and good wishes for each other . . . all of us.

BUT NONE OF US CAN KNOW how to put the other back together. . . or how to put someone else’s life back together. We can just work toward it one day at a time, knowing that is enough.

This is a weird time.

This is an awesome time.

This is an excruciatingly difficult time.

This time is SO FULL OF OPPORTUNITY that I don’t know that it could ever be quantified.

So much that once was, is gone. There has been so much loss and so much death and so many endings. Which means that the other end of the stick is true:

There will now be SO MUCH being born, so much being created, so many NEW discoveries and solutions that the world has never seen. There will be so much coming back to life that we thought was dead. There will be so much lush growth where there was once just a burnt field.

It’s just how it works.

What will YOU plant? What will YOU build? What will YOUR answers be for YOUR life? WHO will you be next? WHO will you do it with?

I can’t wait to see who you become through this wild time in history.

I love you and I believe in you. SO. MUCH.

Since I am not really leaving you with any useful answers for your life…I will leave you with a few questions to HELP YOU FIND some answers for YOUR life….

  1. What am I yearning to experience more of right now?
  2. What am I desperate to experience less of, moving forward?
  3. How have my desires changed in the last year?
  4. How can I align my daily actions with my changed desires?

Hey….just keep asking yourself questions, ok? It’s okay if your answers change along the way, or if they have already changed dramatically. It’s often very jolting when we find ourselves feeling very different than we used to feel, or believing very different things than we used to believe. But trust yourself, ok? Trust the process of life and of your own becoming. You’ll learn, experience and KNOW new things all the time . . . and it’s okay if you become someone you never knew you were, even if there are several versions of yourself and your life on the way to landing on the YOU that feels most true and right.

That’s what we are here for.

I love you and I’m rooting for you.


melody ross