Dear Soul Sibling,

Hey…how are you really doing over there? I think about you so much. I hope you’re remembering that this is an absolutely insane time in history. And because it’s gone on for so long now, there’s a risk that we won’t remember, in our daily lives that feel so weird and hard, that we are STILL literally living through one of the most insane times in history. Don’t forget that, ok? Because forgetting will make YOU feel insane. And, when you remember, you’ll hopefully extend yourself a massive amount of grace and mercy. And . . . chances are, when you remember, you’ll also find it easier to extend grace and mercy to others. And that’s what we need right now, grace and mercy for ourselves and each other.

Please also don’t forget that YOU are not some temporary, disposable creation. You are not some faceless, inconsequential number — piled up with a bunch of others just like you. Nope, you are ONE OF A KIND. And so is everyone around you. That’s kind of a big deal. Your life matters. Because you are a soul, actively building a life from what is available around you at this insane time in history.

If we could all peel back our skin, and travel past the flesh and the bones – we’d find that we are made of the same soul-stuff . . . all of us. We are all souls, here building a life.

Maybe when we came here, we had some kind of baby orientation that we forgot about before we could talk — and we were informed that this human journey that we were about to embark on would have some serious challenges:

1. In this life, you’re going to get distracted by a million things that make it so that you will hardly ever even consider that you are a soul building a life. You’re going to have to work hard to remember that EVERY DAY.

2. In this life, you’re going to forget how powerful, wonderful and important you are. You’re going to forget that you are a soul building a life. You’re going to think all sorts of ridiculous and damaging things about yourself that hold you back and definitely don’t inspire you to build a soulful life. You’re going to have to work hard to remember who you are EVERY DAY.

3. This life is going to be hard. It just is. You are going to be presented with zillions of opportunities and experiences that have the potential to grow you and transform you. If you forget that you are a soul, building a life, these opportunities and experiences will feel only  like trials and insults and pain. You are going to become MORE THAN YOU EVER IMAGINED you could become, and when you remember that you are soul on a mission, the hard times won’t feel so hard and will even be joyful and fun to overcome.


4. Your perspective every day is going to determine SO MUCH. When you have the perspective that you are a human machine…here to produce stuff, consume stuff, buy stuff and win titles….it’s going to feel so difficult. IIf you have the perspectiive that you are a soul building a life and building your SELF and your character, these hard times will feel meaningful and ripe with opportunity and possibilities. Even when it’s hard, it will feel like it’s growing you. 

5. Your REMEMBERING that you are a soul building a life is oing to determine SO MUCH. 

6. What you remember about the other souls around you is ALSO going to determine so much.

7. When you remember that you are a soul, building a life – a “good life” looks VERY different than what a good life looks like as just a regular human who is trying to win, gather, buy, earn, prove and compete. THAT IS NOT WHO YOU ARE. You are so much more than that.

So ask yourself, dear fellow soul….what does my soul TRULY NEED today? What does my soul TRULY WANT today? And if the answers surprise you….lean in a little closer and listen a little harder. You deserve whatever that answer is. You deserve EVERYTHING good and true. 

So yes, life is insane and life is hard. YES IT IS.

But can you do it? ABSOLUTELY YOU CAN!


You are here…you are a soul, building a life. 

Please, dear heart, do all that you can to not forget who you are and why you’re here. We need you.

I love you,

melody ross

p.s. I made a short video for you…I hope you’ll watch!