Hello human family….I love you. What a time to be alive in this world.

I’ve been absent from most places for a good long while. I left Idaho just about 2 years ago, driving an old red truck and following my husband as he towed the RV that his parents gave us to start rebuilding our life.So it’s been a few years since most people have heard from me . . . it’s been longer in some cases, because the events that led up to leaving Idaho lasted a few years before that.

Time went by and I went deeper and deeper into the abyss. It’s scary to come out of there, but I know it’s time. So where have I/we been? Well, we’ve been down a WHOLE LOT of roads — both figuratively and literally. I didn’t know where those roads would take us . . . but turns out, they took us inward, to figure out some things that have long needed to be figured out.

We took some journeys through hell and some journeys through heavenly places. And a whole lot in-between.We are still nomads, I’m writing this from the little table in our RV. We don’t know exactly where we will ultimately end up, but one thing I know for sure these days, none of us really know where we will end up. The thing we’ve got to do is make the most of every day we are given.

So . . . I made a September 1 deadline for myself to stop playing dead in the ways I’ve been playing dead, to come out of the thicket I’ve been sheltering my soul in…to reemerge back into the world of the living, and to start sharing the travelogue I’ve kept in my heart for these years . . . I am a writer who has not been writing and I’m ready to start writing it all down.In exactly 51 days, I will turn 50 years old.

So, starting tomorrow, I will be sharing one road my soul had to travel, every day for 50 days. #50roads. These are not ordinary roads, these are soul roads.

So, you are invited to follow-along. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to leave it all behind and let yourself die in a million ways so that you can be reborn, you might find something in these stories. I want to give you hope if you are dying in a million little ways that what comes after that is a rebirth.

It’s a tough time in history and I just want to share some of the gifts I’ve been given on this journey . . . especially the gifts that didn’t feel like gifts at all until I figured out that they were. I know it’s the same for you. Whether you follow along or not, either way, I love you. There are things we have to do sometimes to save our own lives. My 50 Roads experience saved my life — I know it’s been confusing for some that I essentially disappeared for what turned into years. I want to tell you about some of that. But I won’t tell you the whole story now . . . I will tell you 50 roads at a time.

Today is the day…for Road #1 called “The Road Away From Everything”I love you, human family. Every one of you. I have missed you.


melody ross